Great Wall

  • Adventure Sport
  • Outbound Training
  • Experiential Learning
  • Exploratorium - Science
  • Creative Accommodations
  • Near to Nature Life Style

Great Wall, Everlasting Reverberation to Remind us the Achievements of Mankind. It is an Experiential Learning Outbound Training & Creative Center spread over in 5 and Half Acre in hilly terrain of Kodaikannal, in India. Stands unique, by its concept of being "1 Learning in Each Square Meter" and practice of Sustainability & Eco-friendly. Open for all, beyond Race, Religion, Status & Age.

Great Wall is an exotic area designed based on Multiple Intelligence with a prime objective to cater diverse audience. Great Wall distinctively is a heaven for Learners & Trainers for all age groups to fetch appropriate learning and archive joyful moments. It is an ever evolving space on the Earth to fulfill the energy and enjoyment that lies in human life.