Oscar Murphy International Certified Trainers

"Today, those who are successful are not only masters in their chosen fields, but also have the skills to communicate their knowledge, translate it into action, lead from the front, listen, understand the other's point of view and empathize with others."

-Pratima Bhattacharjee


Psychometric assessments are SCIENTIFIC TOOLS that facilitate an individual to capitalize their strengths and reach their individual potential. They capture various behavioural dimensions like competency, personality style, communication pattern, motivational level, interest etc., psychometric tests are most frequently sought by companies for recruitment process.

Psychometric assessments are also a compelling factor in students personal life.

We, Team Vibha provide services like conducting psychometric tests, analyzing, intervening and giving counseling. In the process students are exposed to personality profiling where they can adapt and have control over situations and people. They can have a comprehensive behavioural analysis system which gives an insight into intrinsic motivational preferences and traits. For any student to succeed, he has to have self-awareness and constantly work on self-development.

We, Team Vibha, have nine comprehensive assessment batteries namely

  • FITS, 4C FACTORS, PPC20, CPA AND BPA assessments deal with personality profiling.
  • VAK, CARS,PRES and Multiple intelligence deal with student;s learning styles.

These assessments can be taken up individually or with a combination according to the individual's need.

Improving relationships is one of the vital ingredients of self-development . In every level or self-development, communication remains as a component and has to be nutured with utmost care. Learning is a continuous process. Proponents say that each individual has his/ her own style of learning. Most people prefer an identifiable method of interacting with, taking in and processing information. By recognizing and understanding their own styles they can use techniques better suited to them.