Radiance, in a single Sanskrit word it is "Vibha". Though it is a Team of Talents, Vibha values meaning and sense in the work that it does. With the habit of edification and business acumen developed over years of experience and challenges faced in various projects, it has a strong process driven program design to deliver optimum results.

Inception of Vibha as a company is in 2011 but the team started professionally working on their passion far before. More than a decade, accretion of the team has shaped up in to a training & consulting company with like minded professionals and diverse expertise.

Vibha works with a principal objective to increase the productivity of the group while ensuring healthy human relations among them. This team has delivered noteworthy training programmes for over 17 years, may be broken down as 170,000 man hours in nearly 1000 training programs achieving far-reaching benefits enjoyed by over 80,000 participants across India & abroad.


Vibha strong in fundamentals & practices FUN as the most important element to enhance productivity through positivity.